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Ciprian S., Security Officer at the Council of the EU

Milieu d'excellence et d'importance vitale pour le fonctionnement d'une institution européenne, le domaine de la sécurité technique offre aux spécialistes la possibilité de valoriser leurs connaissances, leur talent et leur expérience en développant, chaque jour, de nouvelles compétences. Je suis heureux de pouvoir partager mes idées et mon expérience avec mes collègues dans un cadre professionnel dynamique qui est toujours en phase avec l'évolution technologique. J'apprécie énormément cet environnement professionnel, complexe et performant, qui nécessite une action/réaction précise et exige de faire preuve d'un profond sens du respect institutionnel, couronné par des solutions techniques de haut niveau et adaptées aux réalités pratiques.

Sarah G., Prevention Advisor for the European Commission

Picture of Sarah

“I joined the European Commission’s Internal Service for Prevention and Protection at Work (ISPP) in Brussels, in early 2022, but have been working for the Commission for nearly 30 years! I started as a secretary but then passed an Assistant competition in the field of human resources. Since then, I have continued to learn and grow in my career, in line with my centres of interest, namely, people and the environment. In my previous job, I was an occupational health and safety (OHS) auditor but fancied I needed a more practical approach involving more field work. I wanted to contribute to ensuring that my colleagues stay healthy and safe whilst at work, in practical terms.

Back in 2018, I completed successfully a training course as Prevention Advisor (‘Conseiller en Prévention niveau 2’ – Belgium) which gave me a more in-depth insight as to the various fields related to prevention and protection at the workplace. Along with my colleagues, I’m expected to carry out OHS risk assessments, develop prevention measures, advise on fire prevention, psychosocial risk management, ergonomics, the use of equipment and substances and contribute to wellbeing at work in general, to name but a few of my interesting and challenging tasks.

In my job, there are never two days that are the same: I can be drafting procedures in the morning and carrying out an annual fire drill in the afternoon! I work in a wonderful and friendly team and was made welcome from day one. We look out for each other and Commission services trust and seek our expertise.

There is an interinstitutional network of OHS services to exchange on best practices and keep us up to date with latest developments or threats to people’s health and safety at work. Given the recent consequences of the pandemic and the new ways of working, occupational wellbeing is high on the agenda and plenty of challenges lie ahead. So apply for this competition and be part of the change for the better!”

Israel J., Team Leader at the Field Security Division of the EEAS

Picture of Israel

“I currently work at the European External Action Service (EEAS) in the Field Security Division. My Division is responsible for providing security services to EU Delegations around the world. I’m the team leader for Asia & Pacific region. My main role consists of coordinating a team of security professionals located in Headquarters (HQ) and 15 Regional Security Officers, posted in Delegations from Afghanistan to Fiji.  In the past, I was also deployed in EU Delegations as Regional Security Officer. I have a Master’s Degree in Law and have also pursued several technical studies on security management, including several security training courses during my former life as a civil servant in the Spanish military and police. What I like the most in my job is that I am able to provide tangible and direct support to so many colleagues posted in Delegations, allowing them to operate safely in the field and to achieve EU goals. My job is highly demanding but satisfaction for delivering is always a plus! There are many advantages to working in an international environment. The one that I like the most is that in my 6 years in the EU institutions I have travelled to almost 15 countries, some of them I would have never had visited otherwise. I  encourage security professionals to apply for this job. You will have opportunities to work both in HQ and in the field, in any of our Delegations around the world, having a real impact on the safety and security of our colleagues.“

Iolanda M., Security coordinator at European Parliament

Picture of Iolanda

“My name is Iolanda and in am glad that the European Parliament offered me the possibility to develop my career in the field of security and safety. In 2013 my professional background as a police officer allowed me to start the most interesting work adventure in Brussels as a contract agent for the Directorate-General for Security and Safety.

In 2014, a new opportunity came along; the EPSO competition for becoming a security official of DG SAFE offered me the possibility to prove my professionalism and allowed me to share all my knowledge and skills with my new colleagues.

My tasks as a security coordinator gave me the possibility to work with a large number of colleagues that had different backgrounds in police, gendarmerie, military and private security companies and together we have managed to develop a security culture within the institution.

The multicultural environment granted me the chance to further develop my skills and strengthen my understanding of security.

This is the result of having the opportunity to apply for the EPSO competition.

I can say now that it was a life-changing decision to come to Brussels, to prove to myself that no barriers can come in the way of my dreams and that with work and devotion I am able to be successful and have my “dream job”.

P.S. Stay positive and go for it!”

Joris R., Site Coordinator at European Parliament

Picture of Joris

“After 7 years as an employee of an external company and with a temporary assignment afterwards in the security of the European Parliament, a new world opened up to me.

In 2014, I had the opportunity to take part in an EPSO competition to become a member of the European Parliament's security team as an official.

As Site Coordinator in Brussels, the main tasks are to ensure the safety and protection of people and property on the Brussels site and to control access to European Parliament buildings and facilities. Assignments for other sites of the European Parliament make the work even more interesting.

Every day the work changes, no two days are alike. The challenges and missions are very varied. So, the job is definitely not boring.

The team is very multicultural, I have colleagues from all over Europe. My colleagues are complementary because there are many different experiences in the field of security, which helps me to carry out my missions.

After 10 years, I am very happy for having taken the step towards a life in the European institutions. If I had known, I would have made the decision sooner.

I advise everyone to keep an eye on EPSO and seize the opportunity to join the family of the European public service.”

Adelina O., Head of Unit for Security Operations at European Parliament

Picture of Adelina

“I have been working in the security service of the European Parliament for 7 years now, first as an Advisor to the Director for Security Operations and then as Head of Unit.

Our missions are very diverse around the main objective of ensuring the security of the buildings and of their occupants.

We are a big team of professionals - men and women! - of many different nationalities and with experience in different areas of security, from national services (like law enforcement or military) or private security companies.

It is a very dynamic environment, challenging but also enriching. We have every-day contacts with colleagues, visitors and politicians who speak different languages and have different needs and expectations as far as security measures are concerned.”

Maria M., Safety Advisor at the Council of the EU

What I like about my job is that I am contributing to a safer and better workplace for my colleagues and I can see how my job makes a difference to them.

I joined the Safety Unit in 2016 as a crisis management assistant dealing with emergencies. I moved internally in 2021 to the Policy and Advice sector, where I focus more on projects and in-depth analysis of accidents. My tasks are very varied, ranging from analysing risks at the workplace to organising official events, and whatever the current task I enjoy being at the beating heart of Europe! - Is it challenging? Yes. -Is it stressful? Quite often. - Is it interesting? Absolutely!