Are travel costs reimbursed?

There is no reimbursement for travel costs associated with computer-based tests or intermediate/preliminary tests (multiple-choice question tests, e-tray and translation tests).

Candidates taking the case study or the written test in the field who reside outside the EU are entitled to a contribution towards travel and subsistence expenses in line with the: 

Rules on contribution to travel and subsistence (procedures published from 01.01.2018 on)

- Rules on contribution to travel and subsistence (procedures published from 01.06.2015 on): EnglishFrenchGerman


The address given in your EPSO account will be used as the basis for the calculation.

If you are eligible please:

  •  fill in the documents (legal entity form (select "Natural person") and Financial identification form);
  •  print and sign them;
  •  ask your bank to stamp the financial identification form;
  •  print, fill in and sign the "contribution form";
  •  send the above documents with a copy of your identity card or passport, and proof of travel and/or accommodation to:

EPSO - Unit 01 Secretariat
C-25  7/56
European Commission
1049 Brussels


Keep in mind that you have 3 months, after the test date, to send the complete request for Contribution to travel expenses.

A flat-rate contribution to travel and subsistence expenses will be made for candidates invited to the Assessment Centre. To know more on how to apply for a contribution to travel and/or subsistence expenses, please visit this related question.

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