Are travel costs reimbursed?

There is no reimbursement for travel costs associated with computer-based tests or intermediate/preliminary tests (multiple-choice question tests, e-tray and translation tests).

Candidates taking the case study who reside outside the EU are entitled to a contribution towards travel and subsistence expenses in line with the rules for selection procedures published from 1st June 2015 onwards.

The address given in your EPSO account will be used as the basis for the calculation.

  • If you are eligible please:
  •  fill in the documents ("legal entities" (EnglishFrenchGerman) and Financial identification (EnglishFrenchGerman));
  •  print and sign them;
  •  ask your bank to stamp the financial identification form;
  •  print, fill in and sign the "contribution form" (EnglishFrenchGerman);
  •  send the above documents with a copy of your identity card or passport, and proof of travel and/or accommodation to:

EPSO - Unit 01 Secretariat
C-25  7/56
European Commission
1049 Brussels

A flat-rate contribution to travel and subsistence expenses will be made for candidates invited to the Assessment Centre. To know more on how to apply for a contribution to travel and/or subsistence expenses, please visit this related question.

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