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EPSO tests

Please note that this page will be updated soon following the new competition model.


EPSO competitions or selection procedures include a series of tests aimed at assessing general and specific competencies.


Main steps

  • Eligibility - evaluation of eligibility criteria and minimum requirements.
  • Talent screener- only for specialist competitions. In their application form, candidates are asked to list all their professional skills, experience and qualifications, which will then be assessed by the Selection Board.
  • Computer based multiple-choice tests - verbal, numerical, abstract reasoning tests and, for certain specialist competitions, tests on field-related competences. The tests are usually taken remotely proctored and/or in one of the worldwide test centres. Candidates must sit the tests during a particular testing period.
  • Assessment centre phase - the final stage for the testing of general and field-related competencies. Through various tests, Selection Board members evaluate skills such as analysis and problem-solving, communicating, prioritising and organising, delivering quality and results, and others. To evaluate a competency, five anchors are taken into consideration. The Assessment Centre tests are organised in an online format (remote) and the tests usually take place on different dates. Please note that EPSO will use a new competency framework for competitions published in 2023. You can read more about it here: Kick-Start of EPSO’s Transformation Process | EU Careers (

If you would like to find out more about EPSO’s selection procedures, we suggest that you also check the EPSO Tests: Myths and Facts page.

Types of tests

Below for each profile you can find the list of the related tests and some sample of questions that the candidate may face.