What is an EPSO Account?

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The EPSO Account is the electronic record of your personal details and all applications for EPSO selection procedures. A direct link to create or log in to your EPSO Account is available on all pages of the EPSO website.

It is also used by EPSO to send messages to candidates. You should therefore consult your EPSO Account at least twice a week. 

Before applying, you will be prompted to create an EPSO Account, if you do not already have one.

You can only have one EPSO Account, which you should use for all selection procedures.

In order to create your Account, simply click on the link "Create your EPSO Account" and fill in all the required information. Comprehensive help on how to create your Account and to complete the online application form is available in the online application manual.

Your personal details and the access details to your EPSO account must always be updated.

If, at any stage in the procedure, EPSO finds that you have created more than one Account, you may be excluded (see section 2.1.2 of the General Rules governing Open Competitions).

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