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What type of contract will I be offered?

At the time of recruitment, you may be offered a so-called "3a" or "3b" contract, depending on the needs of the service and legal arrangements of the recruiting institution. Please refer to Annex III, point 5 of the Call of expression of interest for detailed information about the contractual arrangements.


What is the starting salary for contract agents?

Basic monthly salary (in €) for 40 hour working week (1.7.2015), 1st step: Function Group IV (grade 13-18): 3246 - 6020 euroFunction Group III (grade 8-12): 2536 - 4156 euroFunction Group II (grade 4-7): 1980- 2869 euroFunction Group I (grade 1-3): 1907-2869 euro You can find more information about the employment conditions in the Staff Regulations, as well as the latest information on salaries for officials and contract staff.


Will a better test result increase my chances of recruitment?

No. The results of the selection tests are pass/fail only. Your score will only be visible to you (via your EPSO Account). The recruiting services will only see if a candidate has passed or failed the tests. The recruiting services should not require you to hand over any proof of succeeding in EPSO tests since all the necessary information on your status is available and accessible to them directly in the candidates' database.


Can I modify the content of my application once it has been validated?

With the exception of the CAST Permanent (see more information about this selection procedure), once validated, you can no longer modify the content of your application, as EPSO will immediately process the data. For CAST Permanent, candidates who have submitted an application are encouraged to update it every six months to indicate their on-going interest in that selection procedure and to remain visible to the recruiting services. You can upload or update your CV within your EPSO Account at any time. However, this information is only used by the recruiting services, and plays no role in...


What are the duties of a Contract Agent in the EU Institutions?

Contract staff (CAST) are recruited to do manual or administrative support–service tasks or to provide additional capacity in specialised fields where insufficient officials with the required skills are available. Contract staff are employed for a fixed maximum period, often with a shorter initial contract of 6-12 months, depending on the type of the job. In some EU bodies, it may be possible for the contract to be extended for an indefinite duration.


What do the different function groups mean?

Contract staff positions are available for a wide range of jobs, requiring different levels of qualifications. They are divided into four function groups: I. manual and administrative support-service tasks II. clerical or secretarial tasks, office management and other equivalent tasks III. executive tasks, drafting, accountancy and other equivalent technical tasks IV. administrative, advisory, linguistic and equivalent technical tasks. Please consult the European Commission specific rules for employment of contract agents.


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