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Should I indicate all my qualifications/diplomas in my application form?

It is mandatory to mention all your diplomas/qualifications. Point 1 of the “declaration” in your application states: “I declare on my word of honour that the information given in this application is true and complete.” And failure to comply with this provision may exclude you from the selection procedure.


I'm not a citizen of one of the EU Member States. Can I apply?

No, on the date of validating your application you must be a citizen of one of the Member States of the European Union to apply. A valid residence permit is not considered proof of citizenship.


Can I still participate if I don't meet all the eligibility conditions?

You must meet all the conditions and we strongly advise you not to apply if you do not meet them.


Is there an age limit on applying?

There is no age limit, however officials are automatically retired at 66. For more details, read the Staff Regulations of EU Officials.


What kind of professional and educational qualifications do I need?

Minimum educational requirements vary according to the position. In general: all non-graduate positions (assistant-level/function groups II, III) require (at least) that you have completed secondary education all graduate positions (administrator-level/function group IV) require at least that you have completed university education (of three years). Relevant work experience may be required in some cases. Please see our guidelines on professional experience and examples of types of qualifications accepted.


Can I apply if I am over-qualified for the position?

The competition notice or call for expression of interest describes the minimum requirements in terms of qualifications and professional experience. It also describes the nature of the duties you may be required to perform. Anyone who meets at least these minimum requirements and whose qualifications/experience are relevant to the duties in question may apply. Even if you have additional qualifications and professional experience, you can only be recruited at the grade/function group and for the profile specified. For example, if you have a bachelor's degree you may still apply for an...


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