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Preslav Mitranov, (Financial Assistant at the Parliamentary Assistance and Members' General Expenditure Unit, Directorate-General for Finance, European Parliament)

I have been working in the European Parliament for five years. In my Unit, we advise and support the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) in the management of their local assistants’ and local service providers’ contracts. ‘Local’ in this context means that the operations are occurring in the countries in which the MEPs were elected. 

My role is to make sure that MEP’s requests are handled professionally and payments to their staff and service providers are made on time. An important part of my job is to verify and guarantee the legality and regularity of these transactions by ensuring that the appropriate rules are observed. 

The variety of situations and questions that I face daily, while having direct contact with MEPs and their assistants, is what I consider the most challenging but also interesting aspect of my job. Furthermore, it is rewarding to know that my work contributes to the sound and transparent management of the Parliament's finance and budget.